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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bazaar Ramadhan Melbourne 2011 is back!

Bazaar Bersama is once again organizing a backyard Ramadhan Bazaar at Kak Sal's Backyard in Fawkner. 

The next bazaar will be on Saturdays (6, 13 and 20 August 2011), from 12 noon to 3 pm.

The location is at Kak Sal's back yard at 55 Percy St, Fawkner.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RMIT Prayer Rooms @ Building 11 near RMIT Swanston St Campus, and RMIT Business School, Bourke St

Here's another place physically near to my location everyday in the city - RMIT Prayer Room at Building 11 (just realized that I've never uploaded this one). If you're studying near RMIT Swanston St Campus, or happen to be around Melbourne Central vicinity, then the closest prayer room would be this one. It located in the Spiritual Centre behind Bowen St, and you can see it in the map here.

The other RMIT Prayer Room is located on Bourke St, at RMIT Business School.  Take the escalator in front of the guard counter, and you'll see a signage to Muslim Prayer Room.

View Walk Walk Melbourne Collaborative Map in a larger map

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Melbourne CBD Walk Walk Melbourne Map - Halal Map Melbourne

Yes! It's finally almost here! We're finally on it: our Melbourne CBD Walk Walk Melbourne Map, a.k.a Halal Map Melbourne!

Going back to the first entry of this blog back in 29 November 2009, it is now almost reaching 2 years since Walk Walk Melbourne gets online to share about Melbourne, and most importantly, the Malaysian and Muslim version of the city - which is what we would call our niche. This so-called project started out as part of my (Kayla's) parallel research project, as a way to understand cities differently. In a sense, it was for me to read Melbourne from different lenses - as a Malaysian, Muslim, student, temporary resident, and tourist all at the same time.

I started collecting and mapping places that I go to in and around Melbourne, as a Muslim and as a Malaysian. What started as collecting ordinary routine places; to finding the necessities such as Halal eateries, Halal grocers, and prayer facilities; to searching for new places to visit and explore, Walk Walk Melbourne begins to reveal these other 'layers' of Melbourne. That's what makes cities rich in characters.

We thank you very much for your support, feedback, and suggestions. Knowing that the site is useful to others motivates us to continue doing it, and who knows, we'll soon tread the globe with the same mission! Watch out, Lonely Planet! :D

So while you wait for our map to finish being constructed, do continue to browse through the blog and share it with others. Meanwhile, we'll be thinking of ways of how the map can be more than just a map, and most importantly, how we can make it fit into your wallets, purses and little pockets so that you'll always have your Walk Walk Map with you ;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Handbook for Muslim Students - Salaam Monash

I was Googling for information on where the Eid Prayer would be conducted this year (haven't found any updated or recent info though), and I came across a Handbook for Muslim Students by Monash University. It has a list of Mosques and Prayer Centres, Halal food, Halal grocery outlets, Muslim medical and dental practitioners and more! How great, right? Click here SALAAM MONASH for the guide.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bazaar Ramadhan @ PaRam Melbourne! Some pics from last weekends

Salam & Good Day to All our Visitors :)

We know a lot of you here are searching for Bazaar Ramadhan in Melbourne, or as some call it in Malaysia, "param" - a casual abbreviation for Pasar Ramadhan. Ramadhan Bazaar has been a part of the Malaysian culture for years now, and I think every where we go in this world, every time Ramadhan comes we always want to find that piece of home, however small or big it may be. Whether it's the congregational Tarawih prayers, or the Ramadhan Bazaar with the stalls, the crowds and the aroma of cooked food!

So thanks to Bazaar Bersama and Malaysia Hall, this year we have two Bazaar Ramadhan locations - one in Fawkner and one in Prahran. It's not big, but I would say it's full of heart :) Much thanks go to the vendors, who are students and families residing here in Melbourne, for without their efforts to become vendors and cook/bake/make all those delicious Malaysian food and delicacies, I don't think they will be a bazaar at all. Hope to see more of you there next time.

Here are some shots from yesterday's bazaar at Malaysia Hall.

And here are some from the Pre-Ramadhan Bazaar at Fawkner last Saturday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bazaar Ramadhan by Malaysia Hall

Another Ramadhan Bazaar in Melbourne!

Malaysia Hall will be organizing a Ramadhan Bazaar every Sunday, starting this weekend on the 15th of August.

Dates: Sunday - 15/8, 22/8, 29/8 and 5/9

Venue: Malaysia Hall, 4K High St, Prahran

Time: 4.30 pm until Iftar time

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If you're interested in becoming a vendor at the bazaar, drop me a comment or e-mail, and I'll share with you the rest of the info.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

BBQ Chicken @ Clayton

We were around Clayton area today and stopped for lunch at this eatery called Clayton BBQ Chicken. We don't have a long list of Halal eateries for southern part of Melbourne yet, so this was a good stop to add into our collection, and to share with other Melbourne Walk-Walkers.

Like the name, Clayton BBQ Chicken sells a range of roasted chicken, fried chicken, chips, fried rice, fried noodles, schnitzels, burgers and salads.

The price is pretty affordable. My quarter chicken bbq with chips cost AUD6.50.

Here is their opening hours:

Clayton BBQ Chicken is located at 375 Clayton Rd, Clayton.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Melbourne University Musolla @ Little Pelham St

We finally visited Melbourne University's Musolla, which is already well known among Melbourne University students and those studying in the city. This musolla looks recently built/renovated and is very spacious, complete with ablution and toilet facilities, and praying areas for men & women. This musolla is open during office hours, and shall you need to use it after office hours, then you're required to get an access/permission from the security (information is pasted at the front door of the Musolla).

Melbourne University Musolla is located on Little Pelham St, at a lane adjacent to Bouverie St, after Pelham St.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Nasiba Fashion

Nasiba Fashion is another shop that sells apparels for Muslim women. It's located a bit far from the city, at Coburg North. Some of the things sold here other than clothing items and scarves, are fabrics by the yards that you can choose to customize the scarf size that you want.

From Elizabeth St, take Tram 19 to North Coburg.  Get of at the very last stop and walk for about 5 minutes.

Nasiba Fashion is located on 995 Sydney Rd, Coburg North.

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I came to know of Karman from my friend, from noticing the pretty scarves she wears. Karman is a Turkish shop selling apparels for women, such as blouses, skirts, abaya, and scarves. Their selection of scarves range from AUD25 and above, with fabric options of silk, polyester and others in different patterns and colours.

Karman is located on 664 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

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Fitzroy Mosque

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Cultural Foundation Central Mosque is located on 144 Fitzroy St Cnr Palmer St Fitzroy

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The House of Emaan

The House of Emaan is a Muslim clothing store at Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Here, you can find a range of Muslim wear for both men and women; such as jubah, long blouses, skirts, scarves and scarf accessories.

The House of Emaan is located on 552 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. 03 9388 0155

Their business hours are on Monday to Saturday, from 10am-5pm; and on Sunday, 12noon-5pm.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

IISNA Mosque Coburg

IISNA stands for Islamic Information & Services Network of Australasia. IISNA is a centre where Muslims and Non-Muslims can obtain information about Islam, where they have books on Islam, talks and activities. You can refer to their website for more information:

IISNA Mosque Coburg is located on 995 Sydney Rd, Coburg.

IISCA Brunswick Mosque @ Michael St

IISCA Brunswick Mosque is located on 19, Michael St, Brunswick.

ICV Mosque @ West Melbourne

ICV Mosque is located on 66-68 Jeffcott St, West Melbourne.

IISCA Brunswick Mosque @ Sydney Rd

IISCA Brunswick Mosque is located on 660 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Albanian Mosque @ North Carlton

The Albanian Mosque is located on 765 Drummond St, North Carlton.

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