Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 2011

2011 is coming soon!

Happy 2011 from us at Walk Walk Melbourne!

If you have enjoyed our site, or have found WWM to be helpful, come and join us in facebook.

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Till next year, let's look out for more walks in 2011 :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Make way for wondergram!

Fancy buying some prints of Melbourne for yourself, or to send as a gift through the mail to someone?  I have some snapshots of Melbourne and other photos taken in instagram and hipstamatic formats, on a 4x4 glossy photo paper.  Prints will be mailed from Melbourne to anywhere in the world :)  I will update more details soon.  Meanwhile, anyone interested can email me at blogwalkwalk[at]gmail[dot]com

Now wouldn't it be nice to receive cool stuff in the mailbox?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Summer Evening Walk in Fitzroy Gardens

Keep your eyes open...
for Fitzroy Gardens!

Fitzroy Garden is just a stone-throw away from the CBD, and on a good sunny cool day, you must find time to visit and walk through the gardens.  It's one of Melbourne's heritage, with layout similar to that of Carlton Gardens.  It's funny that you don't get the sense of how big the garden actually is until you walk through it.  The thought of the garden being right next to the city centre will fade quickly once you're inside, surrounded by huge matured trees, rows of elms, spacious lawns and lush landscape.  Urban parks like these are just breath-taking.  They truly are sanctuaries for the city!

 You can get to Fitzroy Gardens via the City Circle tram, get off at St. Vincent Plaza and walk for a bit.  Or, if you're take a tram at Collins St and stop at the corner of Spring St, you can walk through Treasury Garden to get to Fitzroy Gardens.

Walk alone, or bring a company, take a mat with you or a good book, have a picnic or a light run, or just simply anything.  You'll definitely find some serenity there :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Camping at Ocean Grove, Victoria

Planning a camping trip for the weekends, but don't want to drive too far?  Well we think Ocean Grove may just be the answer!  We visited Ocean Grove in late Spring for a 2-night camping trip over the weekend.  Ocean Grove is only about 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne, and the best part of the camp site which we stayed at was that it was by the river, and that beach was not far away.

Ocean Grove is more like a seaside suburb, but it does have several caravan parks and camp sites.  We stayed at Riverview Family Caravan Park, located right next to Barwon River.  If you want a place to relax, a change of air from city life, then get going to Ocean Grove.  You can choose camp grounds with power outlets, and the site has shower/toilet/laundry facilities.

While camping at Ocean Grove, you can visit the small towns of Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.  Have a nice stroll by the shops or stop for some coffee.  You can find Coles Supermarket at Ocean Grove in case you need to buy some things.

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For more trip varieties, try going for a roundtrip drive.  We drove from Melbourne to Ocean Grove via Geelong, then came back via Queenscliff on the ferry to Sorento, and drive back to Melbourne.

The Garden of St. Erth, Blackwood, Victoria

If you happen to be on the way to Trentham, Daylesford or on a detour from Ballarat, and you happen to love pretty little gardens, then The Garden of St. Erth in Blackwood is a nice place to visit.

Although the garden is not big, it is very cozy and pretty romantic with lush flowers, trees and green lawn surrounding you.

The garden is opened daily, with an entrance fee of AUD10.00 per person.  There's a cafe, and it only opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you wish to have more privacy, go on weekdays, as there's hardly anyone around and you can have the garden to yourself.  Do call and ask them if they allow you to have picnics inside the gardens, because if you can, we think it will surely be a lovely picnic.

Open 9-5pm everyday (closed December 24-26).
Simmons Reef Road, Blackwood, VIC.
Melways ref: map 609(or 909) E11
Phone: (03) 5368 6514
Garden entry: $10

Full info here at their website.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coming Soon: Walkalogue on Garden of St. Erth, Blackwood, Victoria

Daisies. Garden of St. Erth, Blackwood, Victoria

Market Updates

If you're looking for places to shop or browse for stuff, other than at shopping streets and shopping malls, try checking out some markets from this list by Only Melbourne.

You're sure to find some pretty unique things from the markets ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We've started Walk Walk Hangzhou!

Dear All,

We've finally managed to start putting together Walk Walk Hangzhou, although slowly bit by bit.  See you there!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watching the Water @ Port Melbourne

There are just those times where you yearn to be somewhere where it's peaceful and serene.  A place where you can just stand, watch and appreciate all that is beyond your own self.  To us, that place is often a place of nature.  One of the perks of living in Melbourne is that you get the city, the suburb and nature all in one place (as what I've told a lot of people why we truly enjoy being here).  So if you're ever feeling in the need of going to that place, we are delighted to recommend any beach along Port Phillip Bay.  Unlike many of the locals here, we prefer to go to the beach when it's not hot nor sunny (which means, bring a jacket just in case the wind and chill gets too harsh on you).  And the best thing about going to the beach when it's not the typical weather that one would go out to the beach is that there won't be a lot of people.  That's what you need if you're looking for some tranquil moments, right?

Bring coins to pay for parking and a picnic chair is good if you just want to sit and watch the sunset and the sea (maybe we should try sitting next time instead of standing).  And may I add, the clouds are always breathtaking to watch, especially when it gets heavy and seems to be as intense as the water.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

a brief visit to the beach

Port Melbourne

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