Monday, August 16, 2010

Bazaar Ramadhan @ PaRam Melbourne! Some pics from last weekends

Salam & Good Day to All our Visitors :)

We know a lot of you here are searching for Bazaar Ramadhan in Melbourne, or as some call it in Malaysia, "param" - a casual abbreviation for Pasar Ramadhan. Ramadhan Bazaar has been a part of the Malaysian culture for years now, and I think every where we go in this world, every time Ramadhan comes we always want to find that piece of home, however small or big it may be. Whether it's the congregational Tarawih prayers, or the Ramadhan Bazaar with the stalls, the crowds and the aroma of cooked food!

So thanks to Bazaar Bersama and Malaysia Hall, this year we have two Bazaar Ramadhan locations - one in Fawkner and one in Prahran. It's not big, but I would say it's full of heart :) Much thanks go to the vendors, who are students and families residing here in Melbourne, for without their efforts to become vendors and cook/bake/make all those delicious Malaysian food and delicacies, I don't think they will be a bazaar at all. Hope to see more of you there next time.

Here are some shots from yesterday's bazaar at Malaysia Hall.

And here are some from the Pre-Ramadhan Bazaar at Fawkner last Saturday.


  1. Here, in Manchester, insyallah we are going to have 2 PARAM, which is on 21st & 28th of August..i'll post an entry about it later.

  2. hi kayla,we gonna have a bazar ramadhan in Clayton this Saturday (9 sep) =)..i'll update the info later ya -hanim ,monash uni

  3. Hi,

    I'm currently doing a research on how our Malaysian Pasar Malam/Ramadhan has evolved in different countries. I'm in London now, and there has been pasar malams held here as well.

    Would it be possible for me to get more information or photos of the pasar ramadhan in melbourne, off you? Thanks.

  4. Salam Shazana,

    I'll get in touch with you through your email ya.


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