Sunday, July 4, 2010

BBQ Chicken @ Clayton

We were around Clayton area today and stopped for lunch at this eatery called Clayton BBQ Chicken. We don't have a long list of Halal eateries for southern part of Melbourne yet, so this was a good stop to add into our collection, and to share with other Melbourne Walk-Walkers.

Like the name, Clayton BBQ Chicken sells a range of roasted chicken, fried chicken, chips, fried rice, fried noodles, schnitzels, burgers and salads.

The price is pretty affordable. My quarter chicken bbq with chips cost AUD6.50.

Here is their opening hours:

Clayton BBQ Chicken is located at 375 Clayton Rd, Clayton.

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  1. i live near clayton and go here often. Their fried chicken is always my favorite, all there food is good. :)

  2. thanks for sharing your thoughts on the place. if there's any good place around Clayton that you'd like to share with WWM, feel free to email us photos and information. We'd be happy to credit your contribution in the post :)


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