Monday, November 30, 2009

Selera Singapore Asli

Selera Singapore Asli is a feel-at-home restaurant located in Forest Hill. What attracts us to go to this restaurant from time to time, particularly on a Sunday morning is the Nasi Lemak served on banana leaf, reminding us of how Nasi Lemak is sold and served back home in Malaysia. Not only do they have Nasi Lemak, but also other Malay menu like Nasi Briyani and Lontong.

Selera Singapore Asli is located on 334 Springvale Rd, Forest Hill. 03 9878 0310
Opening hours are from Wed-Sun, 10am-10pm.

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Another place selling Nasi Lemak in Melbourne.

Nasi Lemak House @ Carlton

At Nasi Lemak House, you can find 9 types of Nasi Lemak. The side dishes range from ayam goreng (fried chicken), ayam masak merah (chicken with sweet and spicy sambal), dried prawn sambal, non-spicy tomato sambal, beef rendang, squid and prawn sambal. Other than Nasi Lemak, we are a fan of their Char Kuey Teow. Food on the menu is priced between AUD9-15. Other food on the menu are curry laksa, fried nasi lemak rice and yee mee. All the items in their menu is Halal. Nasi Lemak House opens on Mon-Fri from 11am-10pm; and on Sat-Sun from 12noon-10pm.

Nasi Lemak House is located on 115 Grattan St, Carlton.

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Rasa Malaysian Cafe

Rasa Malaysian Cafe is a Malaysian restaurant owned by warm and friendly Malaysians. It's located in Malvern so it's closer to those living on the southern side of Melbourne. The don't serve Halal beef/chicken, so you can opt for a seafood or vegetarian menu. They offer dine-in as well as take-aways.

Rasa Malaysian Cafe is located on 29 Waverley Rd, Malvern.

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Little Malaysia Restaurant @ Melbourne CBD

Little Malaysia Restaurant is another Malaysian restaurant that caters for a finer dining experience. Most of the meal is priced over AUD10. We had a taste of their Nasi Lemak and Teh Ais and found that although the Nasi Lemak is different than the typical traditional Nasi Lemak, their coconut rice, beef rendang and sambal ikan bilis were tasty. Little Malaysia do serve Halal meat upon request, as they provide limited stock of Halal chicken/beef/lamb daily. So if you plan to have dinner at Little Malaysia Restaurant, you can give them a call in advance for a reservation of the Halal menu.

Little Malaysia Restaurant is located on 26, Liverpool St, Melbourne. 03 9662 1678 or 03 9662 1662.

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Lazzat @ Lygon St

If you miss Malay-style Nasi Campur, then having lunch or dinner at Lazzat can fulfill those dishes missed from home. Nasi Campur is served during lunch and dinner, with lauk (side dishes) ranging from kari ayam (chicken curry), rendang kambing (lamb rendang), ayam goreng (fried chicken), terung sambal (eggplant with chilli sambal), and more. Most of the food in the menu is priced under AUD10, making Lazzat among the more affordable Malaysian/Singaporean eateries in Melbourne.

The dining area is spacious, so it is suitable to cater for larger crowds. It's only a 10-15 minutes walk from RMIT Swanston St.

Lazzat is located on 112 Lygon St, Carlton.

Laguna Oriental Supermarket @ Melbourne CBD

Laguna Oriental Supermarket is one of the best places to get your Asian groceries. It has numerous products from Malaysia and Indonesia, so this is definitely 'the' place for you to restock your Maggi noodles or Sos Cili. There are a lot of canned products like sardines, santan (coconut milk), dried chillies, dried anchovies, frozen Roti Canai, frozen herbs like bunga kantan, and even frozen durian! For Hari Raya, so far, Laguna readily provides instant ketupat and instant lemang by Nona.

Laguna Oriental Supermarket is located on 221 Little Lonsdale St, at QV Building in Melbourne CBD.

Yarra River @ Melbourne CBD

Whether you're visiting or temporarily residing in Melbourne, we feel that taking a walk is a definite must. Along the Yarra River, you can enjoy the Melbourne CBD edges, while immersing yourself in the various pocket spaces, bridges, and places to sit all along the river. If you're an energetic walker, you can start walking from Birrarung Mar all the way towards South Wharf. For a shorter start, you can begin from Southbank or Flinders Street Station. Either way, take your time to stroll along this promenade.

IISNA Mosque Coburg

IISNA stands for Islamic Information & Services Network of Australasia. IISNA is a centre where Muslims and Non-Muslims can obtain information about Islam, where they have books on Islam, talks and activities. You can refer to their website for more information:

IISNA Mosque Coburg is located on 995 Sydney Rd, Coburg.

IISCA Brunswick Mosque @ Michael St

IISCA Brunswick Mosque is located on 19, Michael St, Brunswick.

ICV Mosque @ West Melbourne

ICV Mosque is located on 66-68 Jeffcott St, West Melbourne.

IISCA Brunswick Mosque @ Sydney Rd

IISCA Brunswick Mosque is located on 660 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Albanian Mosque @ North Carlton

The Albanian Mosque is located on 765 Drummond St, North Carlton.

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