Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Again :)

Salam and Hello All,

It has been a long while since our last update.  Well, that's because we are now back in Malaysia :)  But of course, a part of our heart is still in Melbourne (and it's currently Autumn now over there, my favourite season of all!).  There are still some posts of halal eateries and places of visit pending to be posted, but we'll slowly and gradually share them when time permits.  In the meantime, you can still reach us via email at blogwalkwalk[at]gmail[dot]com . We still sell the Walk Walk Melbourne CBD Halal Map, now in also in e-map version.  Please email us if you're interested in purchasing.

Meanwhile, we'll leave you with some photos of May last year in 2011.  Oh, Autumn! :)

Swanston St sidewalk (before the new renovation) in front of the State Library

A walk through Centre Place

Milky Joe's Coffee from QV food court

p/s: looking at these photos now remind me of the sunny, windy, cool and sometimes rainy Autumn Melbourne weather. for my friends who are still there, I'm sure all of you are enjoying snuggling in your scarves and sipping those hot coffee ;)

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  1. I just went back to Melbourne for visit last Jan since my last visit in 2005.
    So many halal places now...loved it.
    No excuse for eating non-halal now, especially in city area.
    Did some reviews of the places I ate Halal Food Melbourne


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