Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walk Walk Melbourne: CBD Halal Map NOW ON SALE!

Getting around Melbourne for Malaysians and Muslims could not have been easier now that you can buy a copy of your own pocket-size WALK WALK MELBOURNE: CBD HALAL MAP.

If you're in Malaysia or anywhere you might be, you can also purchase this map before you come to Melbourne. Simply send us an e-mail at blogwalkwalk (at) gmail (dot) com to inform your interest

For Customers in Malaysia:
WWM CBD Halal Map = RM10.00
(Please note that it may take 3-5 days for postage)

For Customers in Australia and outside of Malaysia:
WWM CBD Halal Map + Postage Within Australia = AUD7.00

We can post the map to anywhere in the world! E-mail us for more details.
Payments can be made via Online Banking and also PayPal.

Send us your order at blogwalkwalk (at) gmail (dot) com.

Buy it for yourself, or send someone a surprise! :)


  1. That is too cool! Such a great idea.

  2. Salam,

    Do u deliver to Brunei?

  3. Salam Izah,

    Yes, we can definitely post the map to Brunei. Can you send me an email at I'll inform you on the details there then :)

  4. Dear Ms Kayla,

    Just come upon your blog..after searching for halal eateries around, it would be great if I knew about the map earlier. 5 of us from Malaysia are going for a company study trip to melbourne this wednesday until sunday..
    The map definitely gonna be very handy for us:) there a possibility of buying the map by hand from u?


  5. Hi Liny,

    Yes you can. I can pass the map to you in the city when you get here. Can you send me an email at so that we can communicate further there?

  6. simple product,a great idea!

    Get in touch and advertise it with i booth and prayer room around cbd.maybe someone without internet access will need this too :)

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, mks! ;)


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