How We Started

Going back to the first entry of this blog back in 29 November 2009, it is now almost reaching 2 years since Walk Walk Melbourne gets online to share about Melbourne, and most importantly, the Malaysian and Muslim version of the city - which is what we would call our niche. This so-called project started out as part of my (Kayla's) parallel research project, as a way to understand cities differently. In a sense, it was for me to read Melbourne from different lenses - as a Malaysian, Muslim, student, temporary resident, and tourist all at the same time.

I started collecting and mapping places that I go to in and around Melbourne, as a Muslim and as a Malaysian. What started as collecting ordinary routine places; to finding the necessities such as Halal eateries, Halal grocers, and prayer facilities; to searching for new places to visit and explore, Walk Walk Melbourne begins to reveal these other 'layers' of Melbourne. That's what makes cities rich in characters.

We thank you very much for your support, feedback, and suggestions. Knowing that the site is useful to others motivates us to continue doing it, and who knows, we'll soon tread the globe with the same mission! Watch out, Lonely Planet! :D

(An entry on September 2010)
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