Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Restaurant @ High St, near Chapel St

My Restaurant is one of the earliest Halal Eatery that we came to know about during our short stay at High St when we first arrived in Melbourne two years ago. Tucked not far from the corner of Chapel St and High St, My Restaurant serves a pretty good briyani (simple and not too heavy, just the way we like our briyani). We've never tried their rice and lunch menu (as we're usually around the city during the day), so if any of you have tried their rice dishes, do share with us your experience. Their roti canai and tosai are another good options if you're looking for something light.

I found their opening hours via The Age's Epicure:

Sun-Thurs noon-3pm, 5pm-11pm; Fri, Sat 5pm-midnight

My Restaurant is located on 186 High St, Windsor.

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Mama Wong's Kitchen @ Corner of Flinders St & Exhibition St

We visited Mama Wong's Kitchen back in May, after a Khatib at RMIT informed the Friday Prayer Jama'ah that it is another Halal restaurant in the city. The photos have been in my iPhone, and I really thought that I've uploaded them, but actually, I haven't (lucky that they're still there!)

Mama Wong's sell a range of Chinese and Malaysian food. You can check out their website for more details. Go to

So here are some images from our visit.

Mama Wong's Kitchen is located at the corner of Flinders St and Exhibition St - exactly at the corner and it will be pretty easy to spot.

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Pasar Malam Chinatown

Here are some snapshots from our visit to Pasar Malam Chinatown. Sadly though, we didn't see any stall with a Halal sign. Maybe in the future there could be at least one Halal stall?

* * *

In conjuction with Asian Food Festival in Melbourne this month, I was thrilled to have read from a poster in the trams about a Pasar Malam in Chinatown. ‘Pasar Malam’ is Bahasa Malaysia for ‘Night Market’, and it is also the same in Bahasa Indonesia. Either way, I was thrilled that it was called ‘Pasar Malam’, which suggests a strong link to the Malaysian and Asian culture of night markets.

So here we have Heffernan Lane in Chinatown, a small lane that connects Little Bourke St and Londsdale St.

And last Saturday, Heffernan Lane was transformed by a row of 18 tents - turning it into a Night Market. Niches in between buildings and in front of steps and doors became spots where friends gather, and also shelter from the brief drizzling rain.

By night time, Heffernan Lane became a full-fledged “night” market. The narrow sidewalks were common spots for people to stand, eat and chat with their friends.

Temporary events like this, particularly if they revolve around food, are always great ideas to liven up the city from time to time. Will Melbourne adopt this at least once a month or once every season, and embrace the potential of a night market in the city?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid in the Park

Eid in the park: Melbourne, at Debney Park, Flemington. Prayer starts 8.00 am.
Twitter for iPhone • 10/09/10 12:00 AM

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Melbourne CBD Walk Walk Melbourne Map - Halal Map Melbourne

Yes! It's finally almost here! We're finally on it: our Melbourne CBD Walk Walk Melbourne Map, a.k.a Halal Map Melbourne!

Going back to the first entry of this blog back in 29 November 2009, it is now almost reaching 2 years since Walk Walk Melbourne gets online to share about Melbourne, and most importantly, the Malaysian and Muslim version of the city - which is what we would call our niche. This so-called project started out as part of my (Kayla's) parallel research project, as a way to understand cities differently. In a sense, it was for me to read Melbourne from different lenses - as a Malaysian, Muslim, student, temporary resident, and tourist all at the same time.

I started collecting and mapping places that I go to in and around Melbourne, as a Muslim and as a Malaysian. What started as collecting ordinary routine places; to finding the necessities such as Halal eateries, Halal grocers, and prayer facilities; to searching for new places to visit and explore, Walk Walk Melbourne begins to reveal these other 'layers' of Melbourne. That's what makes cities rich in characters.

We thank you very much for your support, feedback, and suggestions. Knowing that the site is useful to others motivates us to continue doing it, and who knows, we'll soon tread the globe with the same mission! Watch out, Lonely Planet! :D

So while you wait for our map to finish being constructed, do continue to browse through the blog and share it with others. Meanwhile, we'll be thinking of ways of how the map can be more than just a map, and most importantly, how we can make it fit into your wallets, purses and little pockets so that you'll always have your Walk Walk Map with you ;)

Eid in Melbourne

Eid Mubarak, friends! We came to know from our friends and also ICV website that Eid in Melbourne will be on Friday. Eid prayer will be at the City Mosque, Jeffcott St at 7 AM. As what we have been told, Malaysia Hall will not be conducting Eid prayer this year. However, we surfed for some info online, and found that there are several other places that will hold Eid Prayers.

1) ICV, Jeffcott St

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2) Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria
: at Southern Community Centre in Mulgrave, and Coburn Town Hall

3) Info via

Preston Masjid: 8am
Fawkner Masjid: 7:45am
ICV Masjid: 7am (Friday)
Dandenong Showgrounds: 8am
Lysterfield Masjid: 8am
RMIT Prayer Room Swanston St Building 11 level 3: 8.30am
Al-Taqwa Mosque, Sayers Rd, Truganina (Hoppers Crossing): 8am (Friday)
Debneys Park, Flemington: 8am (Friday)
Dandenong Showgrounds: 8am
Lysterfield Masjid: 8am

Hope this helps. We're glad to find and share these list of venues that hold Eid Prayers. Wish all of you a blessed and joyous Eid. Eid Mubarak!

+4) Monash Uni is also organizing an eid prayer at the sports complex in Clayton. Prayer starts at 8 am. (Thanks, Amrah!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Handbook for Muslim Students - Salaam Monash

I was Googling for information on where the Eid Prayer would be conducted this year (haven't found any updated or recent info though), and I came across a Handbook for Muslim Students by Monash University. It has a list of Mosques and Prayer Centres, Halal food, Halal grocery outlets, Muslim medical and dental practitioners and more! How great, right? Click here SALAAM MONASH for the guide.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Clayton Ramadhan Bazaar

“@PaRamAustralia: #Melbourne #param at 19 Stockdale Ave, Clayton, VIC (Azri's backyard) on SAT Sept 4, 2-5pm”

via PaRamAustralia Twitter

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Asian Food Festival in Melbourne this Month!

We were in the tram today, and we saw a poster about Asian Food Festival going on in Melbourne this month of September 2010! And when we browsed through their events via their website, it was great to see that there will be a "Pasar Malam" at Chinatown. This will surely be an event to visit!

Together with Chinatown Precinct Association, the laneway will be packed with simply deliciously scrumptious food, dumplings, rice, noodles, satays, Asian tea and coffee, cakes and souvenir stalls, launching the Chinatown Market – “Chinatown Pasar Malam”. The whiff from the hawker-style stalls will entice you to stay till the night, where you will see the transformation of the laneway – the “Magical Mirabella Globes” will certainly light up this laneway, bringing with it a true Night Market (Pasar Malam). Come and join in the hawker-style eateries and Asian stores. We have even invited our neighbouring Greek Precinct to showcase their renowned coffees and cakes. East meets West – what a hustle and bustle in this little brightly lighted place – just that perfect little “laneway”, with a whiff of the aroma from the hawker food in the open air – truly an Asian Bazaar!
Let's check out the Melbourne version of Pasar Malam at Heffernan Lane, on Saturday, 18 September 2010, from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

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