Friday, July 23, 2010

Winter & Snow in Australia!

It's winter in Australia now, and the best thing about winter is of course the snow! For those from an all-year-round tropical country like us, winter is always the season to look forward to - cold breeze, blowing 'smoke' out from our mouth when we talk, and of course, the white blanket of snow, and if we're lucky, seeing snowflakes fall down from the sky.

Over these two years that we've stayed in Melbourne, we have had the chance to visit 3 alpine resorts that have snow: Mt. Baw Baw, Mt. Buller and Falls Creek. The other two snow places in Victoria are in Lake Mountain and Mt. Hotham (we'll be visiting Mt. Hotham for very soon).

These winter & snow posts have been long due for updates. We'll post the updates for Mt. Baw Baw, Mt. Buller and Falls Creek very soon, but meanwhile, you can have a look at their websites:

Click them to be redirected to their websites:

Mt. Baw Baw, Mt. Buller, Falls Creek, Mt. Hotham, Lake Mountain

For those in Malaysia looking for some snow adventure, now you don't have to fly very far. Because now we know Victoria have lots of them! :)

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