Sunday, July 4, 2010

Clayton Halal Butcher

While we were in Clayton Rd, we saw a Halal butcher and decided to stock up on some groceries. So now we have another option to get Halal meat. They sell a selection of chicken, beef, lamb, sausages, marinated mince, kebab mince and more.

Clayton Halal Butcher is located at 322 Clayton Rd, Clayton.

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  1. OMG! thanx sooo much for dropg by my blog...really appreciate it...from that i came across ur informative blog on halal eateries in melbourne...surely will check them out whenever i drop by melbourne :D

  2. Thanks to you too LadyVerde for dropping by :) yeah, let's keep on exploring Melbourne!

  3. they also sell Mrs Mac halal Pies, you should (read -must-) try them.

  4. I've heard about Mrs Mac pies to be really tasty! have yet to try them, but will surely get some in the future, now that you've recommended it. Thanks, djaka!


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