Friday, May 14, 2010

Norsiah's Kitchen

What's the best food that a Malaysian could ask for lunch in this cold weather? You got it: Nasi Campur served hot! So if you're looking for very affordable Nasi Campur in the CBD, Norsiah's Kitchen is the place. You can get a rice meal + 2 meat dishes + 1 vegie dish for AUD 6.50.

Norsiah's Kitchen is located on Swanston St nearing Melbourne Uni.

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  1. salam,

    aunty norsiah dah tak bukak lagi kedai kat chapel st?i used to be her regular customer waktu kat chapel st dulu since i'm staying at msian hall ( 2001-2003).

    sampaikan salam to her n pakcik .

    -ex-penduduk tetap msian hall-

  2. salam arin,

    norsiah's kitchen now di swanston st... i'm not sure how long they've been there, sbb masa i sampai sini 2 yrs ago pun they are already there. best kan makan situ sbb lauk2 melayu and harga pun affordable.


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