Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bright, Victoria

It's like a 'tradition' for Malaysians in Melbourne to go to Bright in Autumn. We've seen friends' photos of the colourful hues of autumn leaves and thought that we have got to check it out ourselves. Bright is located about 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne, towards Mt. Hotham and Falls Creek, located at the North-eastern part of Victoria. We went for a day trip, while some friends stayed overnight. If you're going for a day-trip, don't forget to pack up some lunch for a picnic, and bring a jacket along in case it gets a bit windy or cold. The time to go, as according to others, is during the dates of the Bright Autumn Festival. If you like parades, then it's probably a good to go during the festival, but if you just like to enjoy the country side, then anytime is fine. You can check out more info here, on Bright Victoria.

Bright's community parade - has a small town feel to it

Autumn leaves - you'll be able to see them along the road sides while driving

Ovens River - a park within the town

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  1. Hoping your 'tradition' continues this year. The leaves are magical at the moment and the weather is sunny and crisp as the winter months approach. We love this time of year, even though it gets a little busy. Thank you for your post.


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