Monday, November 30, 2009

Nasi Lemak House @ Carlton

At Nasi Lemak House, you can find 9 types of Nasi Lemak. The side dishes range from ayam goreng (fried chicken), ayam masak merah (chicken with sweet and spicy sambal), dried prawn sambal, non-spicy tomato sambal, beef rendang, squid and prawn sambal. Other than Nasi Lemak, we are a fan of their Char Kuey Teow. Food on the menu is priced between AUD9-15. Other food on the menu are curry laksa, fried nasi lemak rice and yee mee. All the items in their menu is Halal. Nasi Lemak House opens on Mon-Fri from 11am-10pm; and on Sat-Sun from 12noon-10pm.

Nasi Lemak House is located on 115 Grattan St, Carlton.

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