Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bali Bagus @ Franklin St, Melbourne CBD

Bali Bagus is a restaurant located very near to RMIT Swanston St. We seldom remember that this is another option to eat Indonesian dish in the city because it's not as prominent as Nelayan and Esteller on Swanston St. We had lunch once here before, and they served Nasi Campur for lunch, with side dishes or lauk something like the kinds that they serve in Nelayan. They have a-la-carte in their menu like different types of Nasi Goreng and Mee Goreng.

The ambiance is cozy and not too bright, which makes it quite relaxing to have lunch here.

Bali Bagus is located on 85 Franklin St, Melbourne.
For inquiries, call 03 9662 1474

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Updated post on 3 December 2009:

We had lunch at Bali Bagus today. At 1pm, we were the only three people there. I suppose because it's the semester break of Uni, or that not many people know about this place. It's like Nelayan in Swanston St, but much less crowded, and much spacious. They renovated the restaurant since the first time we went there last year, and from a conversation with the auntie there, she says that it's going to be closed sometimes next month for another renovation, and will be reopened next year. So next year, they will continue to have a-la-carte orders.

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