Friday, October 15, 2010

Rainy Melbourne

Salam & A Good Week to Our Dear WWM Friends,

As you might have already noticed, we haven't uploaded anything new recently.  Well, that's because we haven't done a lot of walking lately.  I have been very much occupied with research work that most of our leisure "walk-walk" plans have to be put on hold for a while.  But of course, brief daily ones can't be missed :)  I'll upload some snapshots of the everyday Melbourne sometimes later.  We've been busy that we even had to miss out on Festival Malaysia and Harmony Market Festival.  So, if any of you would like to share your photos and experiences going to those two events, even other ones that we might have not know about, we would absolutely love that! Just email your contribution to blogwalkwalk[at]gmail[dot]com.  (Which reminds me, there's some line up of nice emails on suggestions of places and feedbacks which I am yet to post and share with the rest of WWM friends).

 Here are some future posts to look forward to:

1. A new Halal eatery that I visited just now for lunch at Lygon St - IndoLicious (thanks to friends that recommended it!)
2. The overdue Winter Trips (perhaps to give ideas for your next winter)
3. Spring events (heard that there will be a lot of Spring Garden events in the parks)
4. Summer is coming soon!  (Another overdue post of our Autumn Camping Trip to Wilsons Prom, and planning for a brief one sometimes in November).  And, a fishing trip which we have missed out twice (Sorry kawans, we will definitely make plans to go one day).  I'll ask my friends of the details in case any of you want to go.
5. Walk Walk Sydney! I'll share some places that I found interesting during our trip there a couple of months ago.
6. Not to forget, Walk Walk Melbourne CBD Map.
7. And lastly, we'll be doing a "walk walk abroad" soon in November.  Where?  That will have to wait ;)

So do stay tuned... and to those who helped to share about WWM to others, or even mentioning to restaurants that you knew about that place from WWM, you have really made our day :)

Meanwhile, umbrellas up people, coz it sure is raining this week!  Enjoy the rain and cool weather, before the summer heat comes.

Till then, happy weekends to all!


  1. esok me nk gi tengok tulip festival.. vollee

  2. that's great! walau forecast kata today hujan, nampaknya matahari dah keluar... looks like a sunny and cool day today. hope you have fun!

  3. Ahh, the rain and cloud - one last chance to grab a coffee and still feel like a "Real Melbournian"!

  4. Melbournians do have a thing for their coffee, don't they.... And it seems that having coffee at some cafe, just relax and enjoy the weather (or the indoor heater) are among the things that we like doing here too


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