Saturday, October 23, 2010

Luxurious Scenery @ Mordialloc

It was raining this morning and from the weather forecast, it seemed like it was going to rain the whole day.  Fortunately for us and you, the rain decided to make way for the sun.  Wet Saturday turned out to be a beautiful sunny (but still pretty cold) Saturday evening!  We were driving out from the city, bound south towards home, earlier this evening.  It was about 4pm, the day was still bright and the sun was shining, and it was too good to be spent indoors.  We couldn't think of where to go to spend what's left of the day, so we decided to keep on driving south on Nepean Hwy.  We knew that had we kept on driving, we'd at least reach Frankston, and that's still pretty good considering that we haven't visited there for some times.  So we just drove, enjoyed the highway and the sun, and decided to take a turn at Mordialloc via Beach Rd to catch a view of the beach in exchange for the roads.

Lucky enough, we were at the estuary of Mordialloc and the river was filled with boats.  It's not a big place, but we felt it was such a lovely scenery - of boats, river, timber platforms, some nice breeze and the sun.  Somewhat 'luxurious' scenery I would say, and a nice change from looking at city buildings all week long.  We were reassured that the scenery was a great one because we even spotted people taking their wedding photos there!

Mordialloc is about 45 min away from Melbourne CBD.  Free parking for 2 hours is on the other side of the river near the boat clubs and houses (where we took these photos), but otherwise, paid parking spaces are plenty.  You can come for a picnic on the lawns by the beach - they are pretty similar to those along St. Kilda Beach.

p/s: You can even hire the boats.


  1. matahari dah panas kanns.. just a few days, me miss melbourne oredi larr akak.. ahaha

  2. melbourne is getting warmer this month, en_me. malaysia has much comfortable weather compared to melbourne's summer, don't you think?


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