Sunday, October 17, 2010

IndoLicious @ Lygon St

Last Friday, while it was raining, we walked through the winds to have lunch at a new place (such an effort to walk outside in the wet and cold!).  IndoLicious is located at Lygon St, next to Lazzat.  I suppose the restaurant isn't that new because the owner said that they have opened for a year (or maybe they just recently opened 'there', I didn't ask).  WWM hasn't visited any new halal eateries for quite a while, so I was thrilled to visit it and have lunch there (thanks to friends who asked me to join them for lunch).

Prices for ala carte are pretty much similar with other Malaysian/Indonesian restaurants.  They do have Nasi Campur (sorry, didn't get the price).  We wanted to try the ala carte menu, so IndoLicious recommended us to try their Nasi Iga Penyet - that's rice with deep fried beef spareribs and sambal.

There it is!  Looks delicious, right? Yummy...  The serving of the ribs were very generous I would say, and they were very tender, so you'd have no problem eating them with fork and spoon.  The sambal could've been spicier for my liking (suka pedas2!), but it was still good. 

 So if you want to try out IndoLicious, it's just a walking distance away from the CBD.

Indolicious is located on 114 Lygon St, Carlton.

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