Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pasar Malam Chinatown

Here are some snapshots from our visit to Pasar Malam Chinatown. Sadly though, we didn't see any stall with a Halal sign. Maybe in the future there could be at least one Halal stall?

* * *

In conjuction with Asian Food Festival in Melbourne this month, I was thrilled to have read from a poster in the trams about a Pasar Malam in Chinatown. ‘Pasar Malam’ is Bahasa Malaysia for ‘Night Market’, and it is also the same in Bahasa Indonesia. Either way, I was thrilled that it was called ‘Pasar Malam’, which suggests a strong link to the Malaysian and Asian culture of night markets.

So here we have Heffernan Lane in Chinatown, a small lane that connects Little Bourke St and Londsdale St.

And last Saturday, Heffernan Lane was transformed by a row of 18 tents - turning it into a Night Market. Niches in between buildings and in front of steps and doors became spots where friends gather, and also shelter from the brief drizzling rain.

By night time, Heffernan Lane became a full-fledged “night” market. The narrow sidewalks were common spots for people to stand, eat and chat with their friends.

Temporary events like this, particularly if they revolve around food, are always great ideas to liven up the city from time to time. Will Melbourne adopt this at least once a month or once every season, and embrace the potential of a night market in the city?

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