Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Weekend Afternoon Excursion to Half Moon Bay

You know that feeling that comes over the weekend, when you want to go somewhere, but can't think of anywhere to go because you think that you always go back to the same places?  Well, whenever that happens, remember that there is always somewhere new to discover!  We love going to the seaside, and sometimes, just driving by St Kilda Beach and Port Melbourne is already a good enough excursion for us.  Last Sunday, we wanted to visit the beach and the sea (again).  We didn't want to go as far as Frankston, and we've visited St Kilda, Brighton Beach, Port Melbourne and Williamstown many times already.  So where did we turn to for options?

This! Our Melbourne "Go Explore" box of cards.

Based on the card, we chose to head to a place called Half Moon Bay, a bit further down from Brighton Beach.  The card also mentions that there's a Fish & Chippery there.  So the expectation: definitely be at the seaside, eat some fish and chips, and enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the cool breeze.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful that Sunday.

This little area is actually called Black Rock.  There's a jetty called Black Rock Jetty, a small jetty that you can walk or cycle on, and see people unloading their boats into the water.  And yes, we found black rocks too on the on the edges of the water (where the place gets its name).

There's a small cafe there, where we bought our coffee and calamari & chips.  They were pretty good too.  It's a really nice atmosphere to have our food, coffee, being outdoors and just relax with the scenery.

There's a parking area with meter available on site.  To get to Half Moon Bay and Black Rock Jetty, you can refer to this map.  It's about half-hour to forty-minutes

So next time you're along Beach Rd, remember to head down to Half Moon Bay.


  1. great blog, love the stories and how informative it is!

  2. Hello, Luster :) Thank you for dropping by! It's great to see that you're also sharing your Melbourne experience in your blog. I look forward to know about new places in Melbourne from your photos too.


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