Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Papparoti in Melbourne!

There's this bun called Mexican Bun.  It's mocha crusted on the outside, and soft, fluffy and buttery in the inside.  And it's so good!  In Malaysia, each time we walk pass by a shop that sells these buns, the aroma is so tempting that it's hard not to stop and buy one.  A couple of months back, I had one of those missing-food-from-home craving for this bun.  The thought of the warm, baked bun was just so tempting that I thought I had to learn to make some myself.  To my luck, on one of the days that we were walking along Elizabeth St, I saw a small sign that said Papparoti will be opening in Melbourne!

We finally found time to visit Papparoti last week.  The buns are Halal, and they taste just like the ones back home.  The buns are AUD2.20 each.  Not to forget, we had them with a cup of hot Teh Tarik.  They also sell some Halal gelato.  The one we tried was Durian Gelato and it was truly delicious.


Papparoti is located on 349 Elizabeth St, right opposite of Melbourne Central.
They have a couple of outdoor seating, otherwise you can have your Papparoti buns to go.

For more info, visit their website here.

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  1. this may just be the perfect part of my iftar menu on 1st ramadhan. :D


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