Saturday, May 21, 2011

Walk Walk Melbourne is Giving Away FIVE Lord of the Fries Vouchers!

 Thanks to those who participated in answering the Mark Questions for the Voucher Giveaway!


We were thrilled to have received these vouchers from Lord of the Fries, to be given to none other than friends of Walk Walk Melbourne!

"Lord of the Fries has decided to celebrate the specialness of those called Mark, because really, it’s kind of a forgettable name.  Nothing special in that name, you would have thought. But there are stacks of Marks who really deserve to be recognised, and celebrated for, well, their straightforward and plain ordinariness. We’ve declared the ‘International Day of Mark’ just for them.
We’re saucing (had to throw a pun in!) Marks all over Melbourne to be part of our mass taste test, with the aim of cramming 75 Marks into our newest store on Chapel Street! To commemorate this important day, on 21 June we’ll be launching a Special Mark Sauce, to accompany our award-winning Big Mark burger. We’re going to hold a mass celebration by hosting a ‘Big Mark burger mass taste test’. We’re hoping it’ll be the biggest gathering of Marks in the world!  So if your name is Mark or Marc, don't miss out!" - Lord of the Fries

 So, in conjuction with the launch of Mark Burger, we'd like to give away these vouchers to our friends, fans and followers out there.

How?  Easy!  The first FIVE people who can answer this question and first to send us an e-mail at blogwalkwalk[at]gmail[dot]com will get the FREE vouchers!

Here's the question:

Give us the names of FIVE people named Mark that you know and tell us a bit about who they are! Yes, it's that simple :)

I'll give you two hints to get you started:

(1) I know there's a Mark Wahlberg, also known as Marky Mark.  He was in the movie The Italian Job, driving that super cool Mini Cooper!

(2) We bought our car from a guy named Mark, seriously! He worked at the car dealership.

Easy right? So start listing your Marks now and email us right away!

P/S: We'll be giving the vouchers to the recipients by hand, which means you'll have to be in Melbourne.  Once we get the list of the winners, we'll set a date and time to all meet somewhere near Melbourne Central.

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