Monday, May 30, 2011

Melbourne Laneways

One of the hidden sights of Melbourne are definitely the laneways.  They're tucked neatly in between buildings and they are usually filled with small cafes.  We love walking through these laneways, and just enjoy being in the midst of the activeness of people walking and people sitting down on the sides sipping coffee having a chat.  The one in the photo here is Centre Place.  Centre Place is located between Swanston St and Elizabeth St, between Flinders Lane and Collins St.  If you walk from Flinders St, you can go through these laneways: Degraves St - Centre Place - Block Place - The Causeway - Royal Arcade - and exit at Bourke St.  When you visit Melbourne, make sure you don't miss visiting these laneways.

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  1. Salam ziarahh.. Dh lama x singgah sini.. Ihiks

  2. Salam en_me :) thanks for dropping by. Melbourne semakin sejuk...


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