Friday, January 7, 2011

Summer = Beach!

So it's summer... and images of the beach, that gentle wave and warm breeze might be in your mind.  Thinking about going for a picnic with families or close friends, and having a swim while you're at it sound like a lot of fun.  But if you're not into heavy crowds, then it might be a bit difficult to find a more private spot during this time of the year.  You can bet places like St. Kilda Beach, Williamstown and Frankston is going to be full of visitors.

But there's hope!  Last Sunday we decided to drive towards Frankston, as we haven't visited that part of Victoria for quite a while.  On the way, we passed by Chelsea and Edithvale.  From the road, we can see glimpses of the beach behind the rows of houses.  We decided to take a turn and drove in, and found a very nice beach. We loved it!  The beach is not crowded at all, and a lot quieter than Frankston.  And for those who don't like a lot of crowds, it's just perfect.  (There's even life guard points not far from that part of the beach)

How to get there? Well, since it's like a 'secret' beach, we thought you should try discovering it on your own too. All we can tell you is that it's somewhere before Frankston, in suburbs of Chelsea and Edithvale.  To find an entrance into the beach, you'd have to drive into the roads of houses there. Good Luck :)

And there's also a wetland in Edithvale!

You might stumble upon this little guy when visiting the beach. 
Fret not, this is not a jellyfish.
It's actually a harmless secretion from sea snails 
as told by a local there when noticing us looking a bit confused) 

These are some pics from Edithvale Wetlands. 
This wetland is included in the Ramsar Convention, which means that it is high in bio-diversity. 
It's really nice to see a landscape different from what we usually see around Victoria.

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