Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saturday Sights of Swanston St

We never seem to get bored of walking in the city.  We go to the city everyday, and sometimes when we have to go to the city on weekends, there's still something to see and experience.  Most of the sights are pretty much the same, but there's always a different 'feel' to them each day.

If you walk along Swanston St on weekends, like a Saturday, you're bound to experience a more active street life.  Most of the times, there'll be the 'regulars', but somehow, they still manage to get crowds to stop and have a look.

You might have stumbled upon the guys who spray paints their painting:

The riders, the horses and the coaches:

And the guy with the mohawk who plays chess!

My personal favourite has got to be the couple who sing and play guitar at the corner of Bourke St.  Maybe next time I'll get a snapshot of them, or maybe record some bits of their singing.

1 comment:

  1. O.oh.. really pretty photos :D It must be funny to see a big chess in the street :D jejejje
    I read a book about melbourne,.. well it was an histoey of a girl who lived in melbourne :)


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