Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watching the Water @ Port Melbourne

There are just those times where you yearn to be somewhere where it's peaceful and serene.  A place where you can just stand, watch and appreciate all that is beyond your own self.  To us, that place is often a place of nature.  One of the perks of living in Melbourne is that you get the city, the suburb and nature all in one place (as what I've told a lot of people why we truly enjoy being here).  So if you're ever feeling in the need of going to that place, we are delighted to recommend any beach along Port Phillip Bay.  Unlike many of the locals here, we prefer to go to the beach when it's not hot nor sunny (which means, bring a jacket just in case the wind and chill gets too harsh on you).  And the best thing about going to the beach when it's not the typical weather that one would go out to the beach is that there won't be a lot of people.  That's what you need if you're looking for some tranquil moments, right?

Bring coins to pay for parking and a picnic chair is good if you just want to sit and watch the sunset and the sea (maybe we should try sitting next time instead of standing).  And may I add, the clouds are always breathtaking to watch, especially when it gets heavy and seems to be as intense as the water.


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