Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Summer Evening Walk in Fitzroy Gardens

Keep your eyes open...
for Fitzroy Gardens!

Fitzroy Garden is just a stone-throw away from the CBD, and on a good sunny cool day, you must find time to visit and walk through the gardens.  It's one of Melbourne's heritage, with layout similar to that of Carlton Gardens.  It's funny that you don't get the sense of how big the garden actually is until you walk through it.  The thought of the garden being right next to the city centre will fade quickly once you're inside, surrounded by huge matured trees, rows of elms, spacious lawns and lush landscape.  Urban parks like these are just breath-taking.  They truly are sanctuaries for the city!

 You can get to Fitzroy Gardens via the City Circle tram, get off at St. Vincent Plaza and walk for a bit.  Or, if you're take a tram at Collins St and stop at the corner of Spring St, you can walk through Treasury Garden to get to Fitzroy Gardens.

Walk alone, or bring a company, take a mat with you or a good book, have a picnic or a light run, or just simply anything.  You'll definitely find some serenity there :)

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