Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fairfield Park Boathouse & Tea Gardens

If you wanted to be around nature and you don't want to go too far out of the city, then Fairfield Park is the perfect weekend excursion for you!  Fairfield Park is located at the top part of Yarra Bend Park, while the park at the lower part is Studley Park.  Either one, you'll get lots of lush trees and grass and the Yarra river.  Imagine having a picnic there, sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying your scones and jams, then later on, you might want to paddle the boat along the Yarra.  Yes, it's all there and we loved the serenity of the atmosphere.

We visited Fairfield Park Boathouse & Tea Gardens for the first time last weekend.  We noticed that there are picnic tables and BBQ pits around the park.  When we visited Studley Park last two years, we took the chance to paddle the canoe along the river.  That was definitely exciting yet very relaxing.

You can find more info on Studley Park via their website, and more about Fairfield Park boat house at their website.

The snapshots below are from our visit to Fairfield Park Boathouse & Tea Gardens.  

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  1. All those chalkboards look so cute and the view is so beautiful!

    I love going to tea houses and restaurants, this is a great idea for a blog ;).


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