Friday, February 4, 2011

Bairnsdale & Lakes Entrance

Have you visited Lakes Entrance?  If you haven't, you really should!  Before we went to Lakes Entrance and having never googled Lakes Entrance to know what it might look like, I thought it was a park reserve like Wilsons Prom.  Lakes Entrance is more open.  Imagine a road with a row of hotels, shops, caravan park, etc., and in front of the road there's a water body that looks like a river, and across that river there's a ridge, and behind that ridge is the sea.  Can't imagine?  That's because you simply just have to go there to appreciate the gorgeous landscape :)  You'll understand why it's called "Lakes" Entrance.

Lakes Entrance is about 4 hours drive from Melbourne.  Along the way, after about 3.5 hours of driving, you'll reach Bairnsdale.  We were very lucky that one of our friends has a friend whose family has a farm there.  We got the opportunity to have a personal tour around Picnic Point Farm, have a close encounter with cows and calves (calves are very camera shy!), and eat fresh picked apples and plums from the trees.  If you're thinking about going, contact us and we may be able to arrange something with them for you.

Our friend took us for a drive around Paynesville.  There was this one place in the picture here where we were driving on a narrow strip of land, and have a river on our left and a lake on our right.

Lakes Entrance is only about 30 minutes drive from Bairnsdale.  There's a lot of choices for hotels and caravan park at Lakes Entrance.  Below are some snapshots around Lakes Entrance.  What can you do there: immerse yourself in nature and the wonderful views, of course!  But there are also other activities and attractions at Lakes Entrance.

We felt a love for geography after visiting Lakes Entrance!

Map from Melbourne - Bairnsdale - Lakes Entrance:

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Now remember to include Lakes Entrance in your travel plans.

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