Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sahara Cafe

We've heard of Halal pizza that's inexpensive and tasted really good at Sydney Rd, but haven't came around to try it... until last week. We decided to have dinner at Sahara Cafe on our way to the airport to send my friends. And pizza was on the menu!

So here's some traces of our visit to Sahara.

It's located at 627 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, near to Istanbul Halal Meat.

View of the interior.

This one is a large family size pizza priced at AUD 17. It's a supreme so we got all the lots! Huge slices... enough to feed 4 adults.

They have cakes, desserts n coffee too.

So next time you're around Sydney Rd, and thinking of pizza, remember Sahara.

p/s: there's heaps of Halal eateries there that we haven't tried too! Do share with us if you've been to some :)

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  1. love sahara pizza too..oh, and love ur blog! it has definitely helped me explore heaps of halal eateries!

    jazakallah khayr and keep up the great work! :)

  2. Thank you :) if you encounter other places that we haven't visited yet, do to let us know. In the mean time, enjoy Melbourne!


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