Friday, January 8, 2010

St Kilda Beach Night Market

We've finally visited St Kilda Beach Night Market, and this time, we waited until it was dark outside to visit a Melbourne night market... to really get the 'night market' feel as oppose to an 'evening market'. The night market is located at O'Donnell Gardens, just right next to Luna Park. On the way there, you'll definitely get attracted to the lights of Luna Park, and soon after, you'll see some hints of colourful light bulbs behind the palm trees - that's the night market.

You'll find stalls selling different range of food, from Jamaican, to Argentinian BBQ, to Indian food, and we spotted a Turkish Gozleme stall (we'd have to double-check next time if they're Halal, which we reckon they are, but we'll reconfirm back since there was a bit of crowd last night that we just enjoyed our walk at the night market without purchasing anything). And you'll surely find a lot of clothing items, accessories, cute stuff for little kids, art works, bags, reiki massage stall, and really, there's just a mix range of things that's worth checking out.

And one of the festive part of this market is the sounds! If you go, try paying attention to the layers of sounds at this market - percussions, Jamaican music, some earth music, the different languages that from the crowd, and of course, the rattling roller coaster track and the screams.

St Kilda Beach Night Market operates in the summer on Thursday evenings, from 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm. Their final day market will be on Thursday, 25 February 2010.

It's located at O'Donnell Gardens, next to Luna Park.

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