Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Old Town Kopitiam Mamak @ QV Building

Another familiar Malaysian coffee shop in Melbourne. Mamak is a typical restaurant in Malaysia operated by mostly Indian-Muslims. One of the great things about Mamak restaurants is that they usually open till very late at night, and some even for 24 hours, and they sell a range of food at affordable prices - food ranging from roti canai, to mee goreng and to tom yum. It's great to finally find a very familiar and an almost-home feel at Old Town Kopitiam Mamak. Here are some of the updated photos of menu we've tried. So far so good and we really hope they maintain the quality of the food that we truly enjoy.

Cendol (shaved ice served with coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, red beans and jelly-like green cendol)

Kopi susu ais (iced white coffee)

Soya cincau (soy milk with grass jelly)

Prices were considerably fair according to standard prices of meals in the city

They even have kicap (soy sauce) and pepper on the table for those times that you'd want to have poached eggs

Mee Goreng Seafood (fried noodles with seafood)

Old Town Kopitiam Mamak is located at the center courtyard of QV Building in Melbourne CBD opposite of Max Brenner.

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* We have emailed Old Town Kopitiam Mamak to get a clarification on their Halal status, and they've replied "Yes, we got the halal meat supplier certificate at QV".

* However, Old Town Kopitiam at Chinatown (Little Bourke St) is NOT Halal.


  1. cool!! now i know on where to head to on cravings.

  2. hi. thanks for sharing the info. we love their mee goreng (seafood) a lot. very nice.


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